Pysch! Okay, Now it's the Official Groundbreaking.

Apparently I jumped the gun.  The previous post was about the unofficial groundbreaking.  On March 17th, the team invited staff, friends, and residents for a project blessing and ground-breaking.  Carl and Muriel turned it up to 11 for this gig.  Father Petro Eparama Matairatu presided over the dedication of the site.  Carl provided an overview of the project.  Afterwards naturally, we celebrated with champagne, beer, and for a few, kava.

Rather than rambling on, I'll tell the rest of the story in pictures taken by Karen Robertson.  Thanks Karen,  I owe you a gin and tonic!

For the rest of you, thanks again for all of the great support... We'll start opening bookings for this fall in about a month.


Carl was looking a little stressed out because he was unable to control the weather.  For those of you new to Taveuni, February and March are the high rainy season.

Much like another superhero, Carl changed from mild-mannered dive shop owner to Captain Salty Fox (note the fancy new shirt).

Carl, John Davies, and Mila are talking at one of the bure sites.  Can you imagine having morning tea in these surrounding?

Carl is about ready to start the briefing on the resort project.

Many of our Fijian friends were present as well.  Friends of Taveuni Dive may recognize a few faces in the crowd!

Carl described the project.  For those of you new to delivering PowerPoints in the tropics, this is the Taveuni version.  I like the plastic covers over the pages to protect the drawings from the rain.

Father Petro Eparama Matairatu presided over the blessing.  Naturally mom (Muriel) and Carl helped with the shovel work.  I was expecting a gold shovel, but we got something way better!  Maggie (Thank You Maggie!) handmade this masi cloth for the occasion (this is traditional for such important ceremonies).  Note the border patterns which are typical of Taveuni, as well as shark, fish, and turtle.  We covered all the blessing bases in this one.  Want a better look at the masi? Then you will need to visit, because it will be available to view under glass at the resturant.

The first shovel full of resorty-goodness!

Father Petro Eparama Matairatu blessing the project site.

A few pictures of the cork-popping: