Tavoro Falls

Adventure Tours and Excursions

To make the most of your stay, there are a number of fantastic activities that may be of interest on Taveuni. We've noticed both our diving and non-diving guests want to go see what makes Taveuni so special. Our staff can help you see what’s around and how to get there. It would be our pleasure to help organize these activities for you.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when preparing for a tour or excursion on Taveuni:

  • Tour bookings must be confirmed the afternoon prior to the tour, so transportation and guide arrangements can be made.

  • Tours are weather dependent

  • Certain tours include site charges payable at the park or attraction. These fees are used to support maintenance of the site and must be payable in Fiji currency (i.e. cash).

  • Respect the Fijian culture. When entering villages, ladies should wear clothing that covers their shoulders, and shorts below the knees or a sarong wrap over short clothing.

Bouma National Heritage Park & Tavoro Falls

Lower Tavoro, or Bouma Falls

In 1990, The Bouma National Heritage Park was established as a community-managed area. Sitting on the eastern side of Taveuni Island, it protects 1,417 hectares and is one of three parks planned for consolidation into a single Taveuni National Park of 16,685 hectares (64 square miles) that will protect 39% of Taveuni’s land. When you arrive at the Heritage Park your driver or guide will point out the entrance trail and the lodge. Check in at the lodge and pay the entrance fee. The walk will lead you through rainforests, across rivers and up to the waterfalls. Along the way you will hear the sound of the many birds of Taveuni including the Collared Lory and Orange Breasted Dove, along with other tropical birds. There are many varieties of island plants to enjoy along with hearing the waterfalls cascading through the rainforest.

Tavoro Falls are in the park, and they are actually a set of three separate waterfalls. The first waterfall is about a 10-minute walk along a flat cultivated path along the river’s right bank. The falls drop 20 meters (65 feet). The second and third waterfalls are more difficult to reach so make sure you are up for walking on uneven terrain. It is slippery when raining, so it is recommended for people capable of moderate activity. The track is quite steep in places but has steps, handrails and lookout spots to rest. The second waterfall is 30 – 40 minutes along, is a bit smaller the first waterfall, but it has a good plunge pool great for swimming. The third set of falls is another 30 – 40 minutes but it’s so worth the effort. The views are outstanding.

Civa Pearl Farm


Fijian pearls are world-famous for their beautiful and extraordinary colors. Most of this production is currently exported to Europe, with a small amount retained and available from partnering resorts here in Fiji. For more information visit http://civafijipearls.com.

This is a chance of a lifetime to see a pearl farm in operation. Claude and Danielle began their own production in 2007, with their first harvest in 2010. This working farm is situated on the windward side of the Taveuni. Spread over 55 hectares in the pristine environment of Wailoa Lagoon, the farm enjoys a constant flow of pure water from the South Pacific to produce these incredible gems of the sea.

Civas Pearl Harvest

Once you arrive at the farm, you will learn about how pearls are grown, and get the change to snorkel in the beautiful lagoon. You will also have the opportunity to look at a selection of pearls, and if you choose, buy pearls at an attractive price.

Des Voeux Peak

Take an awesome four-wheel drive ride to the top of the Taveuni, and explore the panoramic view around the Island’s second highest peak, with an elevation of 1,195meters (3,920feet). There is a great view of the rift valley that holds Lake Tagimoucia (if there are no clouds). Please note there is no lake access from this area. To make this an all-day excursion, there is a 2.5-hour hike to Lake Aselemo, which takes you through a tropical rain forest with an amazing view of a gorge with abundant wildlife. If you are visiting between October and January, you may see the Famous Tagimoucia flower. This famous flower is one of most rare flowers in the world, and is the floral emblem of Fiji. These flowers grow at altitudes greater than 600 meters, and include long hanging clusters of red and white flowers.

Holy Cross Church


This Catholic Church was built in the early 1900's to honor a French missionary who advised Taveuni's warriors how to defeat invading Tongans. The imposing stone construction was done in the Roman style, with stained-glass windows. Customary in Fiji, the only seating is on floor mats. The beautiful a cappella singing by Fijians attending services are fantastic. Experience Sunday Mass at Holy Cross Church. Services are at 7AM, 9AM, and 11AM. This is a wonderful way to hear hymns sung in Fijian.

Horse Trekking

Horse trekking is a wonderful way to take in some spectacular scenery at a leisurely pace in southern Taveuni. The half-day adventure winds up into volcanic craters for outstanding views, or along the shoreline if you wish.

The full day tour progresses into the mountain region of the volcanic craters, winding by local farm adjacent to the craters. From this area, you see both sides of southern Taveuni. For your enjoyment, along on the trek guides will pick fresh fruit.

Lavena Coastal Walk

Hoodoos at the Lavena Coast

Also within the Bouma National Heritage Park, this is a beautiful walk along the furthest east point of Taveuni. The Coastal Walk is mostly flat so most people can walk with relative ease – there are some areas where the footing is uneven. As you make your way up the trail, you cross streams, go through villages, and wind up at a beautiful set of double waterfalls that you can slide down, or jump into the pools below. A narrow suspension bridge crosses Wainisairi Creek, which drains from Lake Tagimoucia.

The walk takes about 1.5 hours each way, but you should plan some time to play in the water at the end of the trail (we normally plan 4 hours for this hike). To reach the waterfalls and plunge pool, you need to swim 100 meters up a narrow channel (in places you cannot touch the bottom). Be sure to take a swimsuit and waterproof camera. Good hiking shoes are recommended, but they will get wet. Finally, make sure you take a lunch or snacks because there are no cafes along the walk.

Another option is to sea kayak up to the end of the trail, and then walk back (or vice versa, as the tides allow). This option provides two perspectives of this beautiful area.

A third option is to book a scenic boat trip down the Southern shoreline of Taveuni, where you will see waterfalls that cascade directly into the sea, then you are taken back to the end of the Lavena Coastal Walk to play at the beautiful double waterfalls. Afterwards, you will hike back to the trailhead, returning to the village for a relaxing cup of lemon tea and pastries.

Nabogiono (Bobby’s Farm)


Nabogiono Farm is a family owned heritage property with close links to the National Trust of Fiji. Just over 40 hectares (98 acres), it was initially used for coconut/copra farming until 1978. The farm has since been conserved by the owning family as a natural habitat for wildlife, while continuing to be run as a farm. The colonial designed home which the owning family resides, is over 70 years old, and is made from timber and concrete. The property comprises of 400 meters of sea frontage, 10 hectares (25 acres) of jungle re-growth around the homestead, a rich natural habitat for the birds, and approximately 17 hectares (42 acres) of integrated farming area. A large section of the holding is native rainforest.

Bobby Shankaran is renowned for his knowledge of traditional herbal medicines, local flora and bird life. This tour includes an educational tour of nature on Bobby’s Farm. The combination of lush tropical forest, unique birds, tropical fruits, Fijian medicinal plants and the natural tropical aquarium of the marine reserve makes Na Bogi Ono farms a unique experience on Taveuni.

International Date Line – 180th Meridian

Guests at the 180th meridian

Taveuni is one of the only pieces of dry land that is crossed by the 180th meridian. During the plantation days, having the dateline cross the island caused all sorts of confusion. Since then, the date line was moved east of the island. This is a fun adventure because it’s the only place in Fiji where you can have one foot in today and one foot in yesterday. Bring your camera and show your family and friends how you were in two different days at the same time!

After visiting the 180th meridian monument, visit the natural Waitavala waterslide. The waterslide is a natural flume carved from water running over the bare volcanic rock. Afternoons are a great time to go and see the local children surf down the waterslide barefoot. If you are adventurous, you can give it a try yourself. We suggest beginners slide on your backside. Make sure you take water shoes, insect repellent.

Village Cultural Experience

A visit to one of Taveuni’s villages is a popular glimpse into the Fijian culture and everyday life. You can eat tasty food, drink Kava, listen to the singing, and watch a meke. Fijians are the friendliest people on earth, so take a moment to talk to the villagers you meet. Also remember they want to hear about you too!

Vuna Blowhole

The Vuna blowhole at the southern end of Taveuni is quite spectacular to watch in action and makes a great extra stop when visiting southern Taveuni.

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