Consider completing this survey of the sustainability of Fiji’s coral reefs

Hi Everyone, Geologist Fred here!

Maja Vinde Folkersen asked us to post a link to her survey supporting research in sustainability and climate change in the South Pacific. She is a PhD student in Australia. I took her survey, and she’d like you all to consider taking it as well. Here’s her explanation:

This survey is for tourists who have dived or snorkeled in Fiji in the past. First, the survey explores divers' and snorkelers' perception of the coral reef quality, along with their overall experience of visiting Fiji. Second, the survey investigates whether or not tourists would return to Fiji in two different scenarios: one based on their past experience with Fiji, and one based on a hypothetical scenario where deep sea mining takes place close to the coral reefs. The objective of the survey is to find out which impact deep sea mining activities in Fiji would have on Fiji's tourism industry, and if the presence of deep sea mining alone would deter people from visiting Fiji.

Here is a link to her survey: