The Honorable Prime Minister - Rear Admiral (Retired) Josaia Voreqe Bainmarama pictured with Carl and Muriel Fox - the Owners / Directors of Taveuni Dive Resort during the Prime Minister Grand Opening speech. He talked about economic growth, diving, tourism, and sustainability (eco-friendly). He was duly impressed with the resorts solar system which powered the resort throughout the night with no generator!

Some of the awesome staff from The Salty Fox Bar & Grill posing with the Prime Minister after the feast. L to R - Masi, Margie, Nunia, the P.M., Star, Maggie and Kini.

And the food! Nearly all the food was prepared in the Lovo (traditional Fijian Earth Oven). 50 plus Chickens, 12 Kg's Yellow Fin Tuna, 8 Kg's Lamb Chops, Dalo, Kassava, Kokoda, and all the trimmings - Pasta and Potato Salads and a delicious Cinnamon / Chocolate Chip Dessert Cake with Vanilla Ice Cream. As you can see the food was devoured (this photo at the end of the meal.

The Band boys doing some preliminary 'tuning' before the ceremony. Tuning the instruments and the Kava I think.

This is the great group of guys that built the lovo and got all the food to come out hot, juicy and delicious all at exactly the right time. (Lovo pit in the rear left).......

Carl and Muriel just after dessert is finished with the P.M. I believe they were talking grandkids!